Sports and Outdoor Fun in France

Sports and Recreations in Europe
Tour de France

There are a bunch of sports activities that could be undertaken in France. For the golf lovers there are multiple golf courses in and around the city. Other things that you can find in France include the parks to play weekend ballgames, some sporting venues, bike lanes for the bikers, etc. In case, you are in France for a long vacation, then these activities will indeed bring you back in a perfect shape.

These recreation activities are also helpful for people who enjoy making friends as there are a lot of local people engaged in similar activities. Instead of going to the hotel rooms, one must opt for the Paris vacation rentals. These rental houses will keep you grounded and will also give you a chance to enjoy the versatile experiences in this beautiful city. It will even be a good way for the tourists to get a feel of the local lifestyle of France and not being succumbed to the tourist lifestyle.

You can witness a couple of sports events in Paris. People in Paris enjoy different types of sports. The biggest sports event that happens in France is the Tour de France. Despite few controversies related to the sport the legacy is still alive in minds and the hearts of the Parisians. Champs Elysees is indeed the best spot to catch, all the cyclists in the town as this is the finish line for the race. There will be a massive crowd in this area so you might have to struggle hard to get even a place to stand.

There is also the Six Nations Rugby match that takes place every year during the spring. This will be carried out in Stade De France. Since, Rugby is one of the most popular recreation activities in France this will be one helluva event. The visiting teams keep on changing every year so stay tuned to experience a heated event in the stadium. For those who enjoy the horse racing can catch out the Prix De L’Arc De Triomphe event conducted at the Longchamp racecourse. There will be some of the most trained horses battling in this race of glory.

If you are staying in the luxury homes of the Paris, then you can interact with the people there to know where the local folks of Paris head for the recreation purposes. You can even rent out the row boats. These boats are available in the Lake Inferieur everyday from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening. This will be good fun, if you wish to have quiet romantic afternoons in France. You’ll also find a couple of parks in the city such as the Bois de Vincennes and the Bois de Boulogne. Common activities such as walking, jogging and other outdoor games too could be enjoyed in these parks. You can even bike around the city to enjoy the local areas of the city.

Thus, when you are in France, you will never have a dull day even for a second.