Homeowners beware: building societies guarantee loans with mini-interest rate

For homeowners who are planning a modernization of the home in the coming years, a home savings contract is an ideal financing method. Although the building societies pay only a small savings, but they guarantee the homeowner a cheap loan for the future.

Anyone who owns a home should make timely reserves for possible repairs and modernization work. A combination of savings and credit is recommended. The Bauspar contract represents a stable basis. On the one hand, equity is saved and, on the other hand, a favorable modernization loan will be secured in the future. After expiry of the Bauspar contract, the homeowner is more than twice as available for the renovation of his home, which he has saved.

Even though the savings rate is very low during the term, it pays off with the low loan rate. The building societies today guarantee a minimum interest rate between 2.75 and 3.75 percent. This interest commitment is independent of the future developments on the capital market and offers the homeowner..

Even if almost all building societies with low interest rates lure, it is worth comparing the offers. Finanztest has tested the bids of homeowners who are planning to modernize from € 250000 to € 60000 in four, eight or ten years. Even if none of the offers in the test was really bad, there were big differences between the building societies. Depending on the model case savers save 800 to 1800 euros, if they conclude their contract with the leader instead of the tail light.

Finanztest has compiled more home savings tips in its online offer.

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