Do Links With UTM Parameters Pass The Same Link Equity?

Do Links With UTM Parameters Pass The Same Link Equity?

If a link contains a UTM parameter, is it still considered a natural link? Adam Riemer tackles this reader question in Ask An SEO.

UTM Tracking – Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

Want to efficiently track the traffic your site is receiving? How about using UTM Parameters? You just need to add a text string at the end of your URL that Google Analytics will pick up, allowing you to track when those URLs are clicked on. Then, the resulting data will be visible in Google Analytics, meaning you can track traffic in terms of where it came from and how it got to you.

Cool right? Let’s join Pavel in this video in which he is going to show us what UTM Parameters are, and how to set them up so we can start tracking them plus how to use a cool tool to create these UTMs.


00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – UTM Parameters
01:23 – Source and Medium
01:57 – Term
02:27 – Campaign
02:55 – Content
03:39 – Create the URL Address
05:22 – Testing the UTM Parameters
06:37 – Wrap Up and Extra Information

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What are UTM Parameters?

In this video you will find out what UTM parameters are and how to leverage UTMs to monitor and track campaigns in Google Analytics.

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module, and a pieces of code added to your URLs that make it possible to track where your website traffic is coming from and how they’re finding you within Google Analytics.

Here are the links that I referenced in my video:

Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics – Using UTM Parameters (Part 1 of 2)

This is the first of a 2 part video series about campaign tracking in Google Analytics. Campaign traffic is traffic we can see in Google Analytics that has come from a link with UTM parameters appended. This first video explains how UTM work, recommends a browser extension for easy UTM management, and reviews where to see the resulting Campaign traffic data in Universal Analytics.

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How To Add UTM Parameters To Links And Short URLs

Working to track your marketing efforts by using UTM parameters? Here’s exactly how you can add UTM parameters (its faster than using the Google URL builder), and add them to any branded or custom short link, and share across the proper channels. SUBSCRIBE for more from Rebrandly: https://Rebrandly.Video/Subscribe

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