Does Using .us TLD Versus .com Affect My Site’s SEO?

Does Using .us TLD Versus .com Affect My Site's SEO?

Does your choice of TLD really matter for SEO? Learn what to consider and which optimizations matter for your TLD to rank.

Should You Use Sub Domains or Sub Directories?

There are sub domains and there are sub directories. Which one should you use?

An example of a sub domain is An example of a sub directory is

In general, most sites should use sub directories because their website is on one topic. But when your website is on multiple topics you should use sub domains.

For example, let’s say you have a blog about entrepreneurship and know you want to talk about stocks and investing. If you want to place that content on your website you may want to consider placing it on a sub domain.

If you have a large website that is popular and high in authority, such as a site like Huffington Post, you can put everything in a sub directory, but in general, you want your website to only be on one topic.

If it is on one topic, use sub directories and if it is on multiple topics consider using sub domains.

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Subdomain or subfolder, which is better for SEO?

Subdomain vs subfolder which one is beneficial for SEOs? — asks Deepak Kumar from Delhi, India

Should you place parts of your site under or in ?

We’ll answer that question and give some general tips in this video.

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Killer SEO Strategy with Multiple Domains

Make the most out of your multiple domains. If you have been invesiting into buying more than one domain pertinent to your niche r business, then DON’T WASTE THEM! Use them to improve your main site’s SEO ranking.
How can you do that? Easy, watch this video where I explain how you can make that happen.

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