G7 leaders agree to name China for human rights violations and export dumping, US official says

Protesters hold up placards during a protest against the treatment of China’s Uyghur minority in London on April 22, 2021.


G7 leaders reached consensus on need for a common approach by China selling exports at unfairly low prices and human rights violations, a senior official in the president’s administration said on Saturday American Joe Biden.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said leaders of the largest advanced economies in the Group of Seven had also agreed on the need to coordinate supply chain resilience to ensure that democracies support each other.

“I would say that there was unanimity in terms of willingness to denounce human rights violations and violations of fundamental freedoms that invoke our common values,” said the official.

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“There was a commitment to take action in response to what we are seeing. The official said the G7 was a long way from three years ago when the final communiqué made no mention of China.

In the legal structure of the World Trade Organization, the designation of China as a “marketless economy” allows its trading partners, including the United States, to use a special framework to determine whether China’s exports are sold at unfairly low prices and, if so, apply additional anti-dumping duties.

Nathan VanderKlippe has been The Globe’s correspondent in Beijing since 2013 and has seen Xi Jinping’s ambitions and dissatisfaction in China take shape. It outlines some key areas to watch regarding China’s political and economic ambitions, as it is also cracking down on ethnic minorities and holding two Canadians captive. The Globe and Mail

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