How to Export High Quality Audio to FL Studio

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Want your finished song in premium lossless format on streaming services? Let’s see how to export FLAC and other high quality audio formats from FL Studio.

You’ve spent weeks producing your song in FL Studio, and now you’re ready to export it out of the DAW and upload it to streaming services, with the help of a digital distributor like RouteNote.

With Spotify HiFi on the horizon and Apple Music announcing that it will roll out high-quality audio streaming at no additional cost to subscribers, there is exciting potential for your music to be heard with the quality you always wanted when playing. production. High-definition audio formats allow listeners to hear your song with a depth and richness that does your song justice.

When you upload your music through RouteNote, you can send your tracks as MP3 or FLAC files. MP3 is standard, while FLAC is high quality audio. So how do you export to different audio types from FL Studio?

Know the file formats on FL Studio

Lossless audio files

With lossless sound quality, what you put on is exactly what you get, with no loss of quality. The flip side is that the files are larger.

  • WAV – the most popular lossless file format, compatible with Mac and PC
  • FLAC – FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files are compressed without any loss in sound quality – FLAC files are about half the size of WAV and the bit rate is 1411 kbps or more. This is basically Zip compression but for audio.

Lossy audio files

Lossy files mean smaller file size, but sound quality suffers.

  • MP3 – MPEG-2 Audio Layer III is a smaller file size, with bitrate around 128-320kbps, but the sound quality is not as good as lossless audio files like FLAC
  • OGG – Ogg Vorbis format has the same file size as MP3 but with better sound quality.

MIDI export

MIDI is not an audio format but a data format. Exporting to MIDI from FL Studio records the contents of your Piano Roll and channels so that you can import the data into another DAW.

How to Export High Quality Audio to FL Studio

It is very easy to export CD quality lossless audio files from FL Studio.

  • Head to Deposit > Export
  • Choose a file type
  • Save the file to an appropriate folder
  • A render box will now open with various overwhelming options

The settings recommended by FL Studio are usually sufficient, but a quick rundown of what they mean:

  • Fashion – Choose “Full Song” to export the entire song or “Pattern” to restore a single pattern.
  • Tail – A long reverb fades at the end of your song? “Cut Remainder” will get rid of it, “Leave Remainder” keeps it as is, “Wrap Remainder” overlaps it to the beginning of the file. “Leave the rest” is usually a good option.
  • FLAC bit depth – 16Bit is CD quality and fine quality. Bit depth is about volume, and most listeners don’t hear the difference between 16 and 24 bits.
  • Resampling refers to samples that have been transposed from the original pitch; FL Studio recommends 512 sinc points, the highest.
  • Selection “HQ for all plugins” is the best. “Maximum polyphony” means limiting CPU resources by reducing the number of notes played at a time; leave it checked.
  • leave “Cut the silence PDC” checked – it keeps your tracks in sync by reducing silence at the start.
  • Various – just make sure you “Activate insert effects” and “Activate master effects” to keep all those nice mixing effects that you applied in your production.

If you’re exporting rods, check out our guide here – you’ll need to check the “Share Mix Tracks” button.

…Hit “Start” and let the good times roll.

Your track is now ready to be listened to outside of FL Studio, and also uploaded to streaming services – and you can trust RouteNote to help you. Our free distribution puts your songs on music platforms and you keep 85% of all revenue.

Enjoy high definition audio streaming from Apple Music and other platforms like Tidal and Deezer at no additional cost, simply by selecting the stores where you want us to distribute your song. And yes, it’s free. If you’re an artist with an established fan base, desperate to get your tracks out there, our Premium option lets you keep 100% of your earnings for a small fee.

To learn more, click here and join RouteNote for free today.

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