I Lost 90% of My Organic Search Traffic – What Happened?

I Lost 90% of My Organic Search Traffic – What Happened?

A digital marketer submits a website for evaluation by an SEO pro. See why it lost 90% of its Google traffic.

How to get the most organic traffic to your site

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Diagnosing Traffic Drops Using Google Search Console

I have a repeatable process to diagnose traffic drops. Using the tools Google gives you, I’ll show you how to isolate what caused your organic traffic to drop. It’s scary stuff… good luck restoring it and reach out if you need help.

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Ahrefs (Site Audit Tool): https://ahrefs.com
GSC: https://search.google.com/u/0/search-console

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How To Fix Organic Traffic Loss

Learn how to identify organic traffic losses. See what common issues might be and see how to use Google Analytics to identify them. Discover common problems and how to fix them.

How to Diagnose Drops in Organic Traffic

If you’re working on SEO and you’ve got a website, there’s probably been more than one time where you’ve experienced a drop in your organic traffic. Now, understanding possibly why you’ve dropped is really important in how you can plan to recover from that existing drop.

So we’re going to talk a little bit about some things that can impact your website and cause it to drop or lose organic traffic and what you can do about it to try to diagnose what’s actually going on with your specific website. So first we need to look at why sites lose traffic.


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