Kate Lawler took baby to A&E for breathing difficulties

Kate Lawler admitted that she found the new motherhood difficult. (PENNSYLVANIA)

Kate lawler revealed she took her newborn to A&E this weekend with concerns about her breathing.

The old one Big Brother winner and radio DJ, who hosted baby Noa 11 days earlier on February 11, said they had returned to the hospital for blood tests when she worried her daughter was having trouble breathing.

Lawler, 40, revealed on Instagram: “On Saturday night Noa started showing signs of difficulty breathing, so we rushed her to A&E and luckily we were seen immediately.

“Her breathing levels were high so blood was drawn, but everything was back to normal and she settled in so we went home.”

The Virgin Radio Drivetime presenter admitted she found motherhood very emotional as she shared photos of herself in tears in her nursing bra.

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Lawler revealed: “I cried because I’m tired, I don’t feel confident in what I’m doing or if either of us is doing it right, because of horrible dark thoughts about losing my daughter. , when our meditation reading list came up because it reminded me of when Noa was in the NICU.

“I cried over spilled milk – literally. Expressed milk, poured into a storage bag that spilled, sending milk all over the place. SHINY. I’m crying because my hands and arms suffer excruciatingly from canal syndrome. carpal. No one told me this is common. for new moms. Has anyone else suffered from this? Pins and needles, numbness, shooting pains in their hands and in my arms. I now have wrist splints that help me. “

She added: “I see other new moms here looking glamorous, like the first two weeks were a breeze and I really wish I could say it, but that’s the hardest thing. I’ve ever experienced. I hope it gets easier. I “I didn’t make a lot of fuss because I just didn’t have the time or the energy. Send positive vibes to all new moms who feel the same way. Know that you are not alone and that it is good to shout it out. “

Kate Lawler and her fiancé Martin.  (Getty Images)

Kate Lawler and her fiance Martin. (Getty Images)

Lawler later revealed on her Instagram Stories that she had been overwhelmed by the messages of support she received in response to her candid post about her mental health issues.

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She said: “I was blown away by the messages of support… even though reading your comments made me cry even more… today I feel so much better, so thank you.”

Lawler had previously publicly admitted that she wasn’t sure she wanted to become a mother on her podcast Maybe baby.

She told Hello magazine: “I turned 40 in May and suddenly I felt great and I was ready for something and I didn’t know what it was.”

The couple had been dating for eight years when their partner Martin proposed in 2018.

They were due to get married last year but were forced to postpone their marriage due to the coronavirus pandemic, so they decided to have a baby in the meantime.

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