Kilifi company signs contract to export syringes to Pakistan


Kilifi company signs contract to export syringes to Pakistan

Revital Healthcare (EPZ) Limited workers pack syringes. PICTURES | GEDÉON MAUNDU | NMG

The Pakistani government imported three batches of five million syringes from Revital Healthcare Limited, a pharmaceutical company in Kilifi.

Pakistan has entered into a two-year deal with Revital Healthcare Limited which will see them export syringes every month.

“We are all facing shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) and vaccines because of the Covid pandemic, but one of the main things is that even if you have a vaccine, you need one. syringe to use it,” Ms. Saqlain Syedah, Pakistan’s high commissioner, said after reporting the shipment.

“We already have vaccines, and the production is keeping pace with the needs, but the syringes are not being produced at the same pace to meet the demand,” she said but did not reveal the value of the agreement.

Ms Syedah said Revital Company had increased its capacity to meet global demand.

She said the syringes in Pakistan would meet the challenges of the shortage of the commodity.

The High Commission said Pakistan is looking forward to having more collaborations on adding value and business growth opportunities in the two countries through the Revital company.

Ugandan MPs also visited the factory.

Revital’s marketing manager, Roneek Vora, said it was the first time in history that a manufacturer outside Africa exported syringes used for various purposes.

According to Vora, China and India are powerhouses next to Pakistan that manufacture more capacity than Kenya.

“We are here today, very proud that the Pakistani government has chosen a country like Kenya to do business,” he said.

Mr Vora said the company manufactures the 0.25ml syringes used for the Covid-19 vaccination and the immunization of babies.

He said the syringes would be used for malaria vaccination when the vaccine is released next year.

“We export pharmaceuticals to 28 countries around the world, India, Europe, and we also go to Pakistan,” he said.

Last year, Revital manufactured more than a billion medical devices and plans to double production this year.

Mr. Vora added that the company manufactures more than 40 medical devices and exports to more than 20 countries around the world.

They also supply the products to supporting institutions such as UNICEF and WHO.

Mr Vora said Africa could manufacture medical equipment.

“We are capable. We have the resources, and the only thing we need is a push from the government,” he added.

Mr Vora said the government should focus more on health care to reduce the cost of medicines.

“At present, most people have to travel out of the country for specialized treatment, which shows that we do not have the capacities to have adequate hospitals and medical experts in the country,” said Mr. Vora.

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