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Age: 53

Have you performed any duties in the past? If yes, please specify: No

Biography: Phil Klapwyk is a community and union leader from Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge.

As a film industry professional and elected representative of the companies of IATSE Local 891, he represents more than 15,000 professional independent artists and technicians in the film industry.

Phil has deep roots in Maple Ridge with his wife, daughter and granddaughter, all born at Ridge Meadows Hospital.

A former small business owner, Phil is respected across North America for his collaborative approach to fostering business relationships.

Through his work in the film industry, Phil has championed programs on environmental issues, reconciliation, equity and diversity.






Telephone: 604-337-2631



Each candidate in the September 20, 2021 federal election received these five (5) questions, along with the following instructions.

To help voters make their choice on election day, The News asks local candidates a series of questions on important topics.

Each question MUST be answered: yes (Y), no (N) or (D) I don’t know. This is not meant to make it difficult. But the reality is that if you are in the House, you will have to vote yes, no or abstain. The bonus is that each candidate can develop ANY or ALL of our questions with answers of up to 200 words each that will appear online.

Please note that due to space constraints, only one of your answers will be included in the print edition of The News on September 16. You can choose which one. Thus, you must CLEARLY indicate which expanded response you wish to see published in print form. If you don’t specify, we’ll choose.

1. Would you like to support a federal vehicle tax based on CO2 emissions?

Name: “No. “

2. Does your party have a plan to fill the many vacant positions in the RCMP?

Klapwyk: “No. “

3. Would you support the federal government canceling the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to fight climate change?

Klapwyk: “Yes.

This past summer, entire cities of British Columbia were reduced to ashes as Justin Trudeau supported and protected the oil companies that directly contribute to the global climate emergency we face.

On the one hand, Trudeau pledged to be a global partner in the fight against climate change and to build “a cleaner and more prosperous future for all”, and on the other hand, he spent $ 18 billion – in 2020 alone – to support Big Oil.

Either you believe in reducing the extraction, refining, use and export of fossil fuels, or you buy a pipeline to expand these things. Canada’s global climate goals and commitments are at odds with being in the fossil fuel business.

I have signed the Stand.Earth pledge to do everything in my power to cancel the Trans Mountain pipeline extension.

As a government, we must demonstrate integrity and honesty in our choices, and we must honor our commitments.

Public funds are better spent by investing in renewable energy infrastructure rather than subsidizing Big Oil.

New Democrats will deliver on our G-20 pledge, eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and redirect those investments to low carbon initiatives.

We will also enact legislation banning any future subsidies to oil, gas and pipelines. “

4. Should Ottawa offer cash incentives to parents for comprehensive childhood immunizations including vaccination against COVID, flu, measles, etc.?

Name: “No. “

5. Given our inability to manufacture vaccines at the onset of the pandemic, should Ottawa double its investment in research, science and tech startups?

Klapwyk: “Yes. “


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