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Lucknow, June 3

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that India is the fastest growing among the G-20 economies and has the ability to prove itself to be the “reliable partner” the world is looking for today.

Speaking at the third Uttar Pradesh Investor Summit, marking the inauguration or launch of 1,406 projects worth over Rs 80,000 crore, he said the prevailing situation in the world has brought great opportunities for India.

Gautam Adani, Kumar Mangalam Birla and other leading industrialists are taking part in the mega summit organized by the government of Uttar Pradesh. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath are among those present at the event.

Modi said “only our democratic India” has the ability to prove itself to be the “reliable partner” the world is looking for today. “The world today looks at India’s potential and praises its performance.” The projects spanned a variety of fields, including agriculture, IT and electronics, MSMEs, manufacturing, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, tourism, defense and aerospace, handloom and the textile.

“We have the fastest growing among the G-20 economies. Today, India is #2 on the Global Retail Index. India is the third largest energy consuming country in the world,” Modi said.

The prime minister said last year that a record $84 billion in foreign direct index (FDI) came to India from more than 100 countries.

“India has set a record by exporting goods worth over $417 billion or more than Rs 30 million lakh in the last financial year,” he said.

Speaking about his government which recently completed its eight years in power at the Centre, he said: “During these years, we have moved forward with the mantra Reform-Perform-Transform. We have emphasized policy stability, coordination and ease of doing business.

“Through our reforms, we have worked to make India strong as a nation. Whether One Nation-One Tax (GST), One Nation-One Grid, One Nation-One Mobility Card or One Nation-One Ration Card. These efforts reflect our concrete and clear policies,” Modi said.

Referring to BJP-ruled Central and Uttar Pradesh State, PM says ‘dual engine government’ is working on infrastructure, investment and manufacturing for rapid development of the state .

In this year’s budget, he said, an unprecedented capital expenditure allocation of Rs 7.50 lakh crore has been made, he added.

He said an improved law and order situation had restored business confidence in Uttar Pradesh, created a conducive atmosphere for industries and improved the administrative systems of the state.

As a state deputy, he said, he feels the ability and potential of the state government and administration. He also spoke about the “change of mood” and the working culture of the state apparatus.

Uttar Pradesh is home to around 16-20% of the country’s population, thus having a huge bearing on the nation’s development, he said.

The Prime Minister also compared the development work carried out before 2014 and that carried out by his government in eight years.

“In 2014, there were only six million broadband subscribers in our country. Today, that number has risen to 78 crores. In 2014, a GB of data cost nearly Rs 200, but today its cost has dropped to Rs 11-12,” he said, adding that India is among the countries with the highest data rates. the cheapest.

In 2014, the number of fiber-connected village panchayats was less than 100, which now exceeds 1.75 lakh, he said.

“Before 2014, there were only a few startups. But, today, the number of registered startups has reached almost 70,000. Recently, India set a record of 100 unicorns, he said.

The Prime Minister thanked the investors for showing their faith in the ability, dedication, hard work and understanding of the youth of Uttar Pradesh.

He also asked the industrialists to go to Kashi (Varanasi), which he represents in Lok Sabha as an MP.

“I urge you to visit my Kashi. The fact that Kashi, with his former glory, can also emerge with a new version of himself, is a living example of Uttar Pradesh’s capabilities,” he added.

Modi also said the proposals agreed today will create new opportunities in Uttar Pradesh and reflect growing confidence in Uttar Pradesh’s growth story. The Prime Minister said that over the past few years, a new culture of on-time delivery of projects has developed in the country.

The first Uttar Pradesh Investor Summit was held on July 29, 2018 and the second was held on July 28 the following year. During the first summit, the foundation stones for 81 projects worth over Rs 61,500 crore were laid. During the second, the foundation stones for 290 projects with investments of over Rs 67,000 crore were laid.

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