PAC blames ANC for service delivery problems and corruption – SABC News

The PAC blamed the ANC for the poor delivery of basic services and corruption.

PAC leader Mzwanele Nyhontso was addressing his supporters during an election campaign at the Mokopane Tribal Authority Hall in Limpopo. He encouraged voters to transfer their votes to the PAC.

Nyhontso criticized the ANC for its poor service during his speech.

He says residents have been denied access to basic services, including roads. He says it is the result of poor governance and corruption at the local level.

“It’s not that there is no money to repair the roads, but the problem is the tendering system; the problem is the thieves who occupy these positions. The problem is the ruling party has stolen everything if it finds the opportunity to steal.

The PAC plans to repossess the land and abolish the tendering system, if elected.

Nyhontso encouraged PAC supporters to put them in power.

“These guys are stealing everything. I participate in a workshop with them. They even steal toilet paper. Remove them from the government, eliminate the comrades. Unemployment is our country’s problem.

Meanwhile, the party has denied being in the throes of divisions. The PAC has only three seats in 27 municipalities in Limpopo.

PAC leader Mzwanele Nyhontso on the party manifesto and the electoral campaign:

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