Patriot Gold Group IRA rollover requests skyrocket due to 2022 stock market rout

“When speculative excesses collapse below their own extremes, the ‘crash’ crushes all other narratives and becomes the dominant dynamic. Everything the mainstream uses to predict ‘value’ is thrown out the window. According to the explanations Conventional central banks control the markets and therefore crashes are brief and superficial as banks will quickly change course and flood financial markets with free money. In the conventional view, markets are rational and liquid: there will be always a buyer for every seller (i.e. liquidity) because there will always be a rational reason and cash/credit available to buy an asset at the current price Crashes reveal this to be false: there is no buyer for every seller in a crash because it is not rational to buy assets that have been grossly overvalued and are resetting at new valuations in a chaotic free fall.”

Jack Hanney goes on to say, “when you have Morgan Stanley warning that the market selloff will only accelerate and the overall S&P index is about to fall sharply with almost every stock falling in unison, you need to start rethinking your defensive positioning and the possibility of capital turnover.” “When you consider the geopolitical climate, and the seizure of Russia foreign exchange reserves, this will only fuel the demand for gold by Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and China.” “Goldman Sachs analysts predict record gold demand from central banks this year as geopolitics push to move into gold.”

According to Barron’s interview with Laurent LepardManaging Partner of Equity Management Associates, Lepard “is betting gold has struck $3,000 two years from now, he’s skeptical of the consensus view that inflation has peaked and doubts the Fed will bring inflation back anywhere near its 2% annual target.” Lepard goes on to say that he is considering rate cuts and more quantitative easing within the next year. David Einhorn in its quarterly letter to shareholders questioned the Fed’s response and whether “the Fed is doing all the right things, or is it just talking tough, when in reality implementing a response weak initial which could exacerbate the problem, we think it is clearly the latter.”

In 2021, Palantir Technologies made headlines with their $50.7 million investment in gold. According to their President and COO, “You need to be prepared for a future with more Black Swan events.” Big tech companies have been making headlines with their investments in alternative asset classes and in US dollars, raising eyebrows that perhaps their visionary, innovative thinking is being applied to investments.

Ray Dalio recently said “Silver is not a safe investment..because it will be taxed by inflation” Dalio, the world’s most successful hedge fund manager, goes on to say “Know how to balance a portfolio. stocks go down, you see gold Wealth is not destroyed as much as it is transferred Be in a safe and well-balanced portfolio You can reduce your risk without reducing your return.

Jeffries Group said “gold remains a critical hedge as the threat of stagflation – an environment of low growth and higher inflation continues to rise” Jeffries maintained that its long-term forecast remains in place for prices gold grow $5,500 an ounce.

patriots Portion Patriots announce reimbursement of ‘stagflation protection’ fees on many retirement options ahead of Memorial Day May 30and 2022.

Patriot Gold Group recorded record attendance for its “2021 Inflation Protection America First IRA” with our NO-FEE-FOR-LIFE IRA for eligible IRAs. Patriot Gold Group is lowering the minimum requirement for our NEW “Stagflation Protection NO FEE FOR LIFE IRA” and waiving fees for dedicated, secure and insured storage of your safe haven assets, in addition to waiving the cost of registered and insured shipping to your house so that you, a fellow American, have one less thing to worry about. Patriot Gold Group also waives most fees on IRA accounts opened through Monday May 30and 2022.

Call the Patriot Gold Group at 800-974-4653 (GOLD) for exclusive details on our incentives, or if you simply have questions regarding current market performance. We are here to help you, to serve you, and to adhere to this altruistic principle which has allowed Consumer Affairs to recognize Patriot Gold Group as the best Gold & Silver IRA dealer nationwide for an unprecedented six consecutive years (that’s i.e. 2016-2021). only company nationwide that is Diamond Rated with the Better Business Bureau.

On Jack Hanney Jack Hanney is the CEO and co-founder of Patriot Gold Group, and a nationally sought-after financial speaker and guest. Recently featured on Fox Los Angeles Have a nice day LA, Newsmax, OANN and FOX23 Tulsa, he is frequently interviewed about the global health crisis and its impact on the global economy. Right here: FOX23TULSAJACKHANNEY (PLEASE click on the LINK)

About Patriot Gold Group Patriot Group Gold ( is a national investment group with over 50 years of experience in precious metals investing. The company has been rated Top IRA Gold & Silver Dealer by Consumer Affairs for an unprecedented six consecutive years (i.e. 2016-2021), is Diamond rated by the Better Business Bureau, has achieved a 5-star TrustPilot rating , endorsed & sponsored by Donald J. Trump Political Consultant, Newsmax Host & Patriot Client Dick Morris.

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