Serbian blueberry production and export on the rise

Blueberry plantations in Serbia have experienced explosive growth over the past five years and have reached an area of ​​2,500 hectares, producing over 6,000 tons of products and the area continues to grow rapidly. Blueberry plantations are large and use the latest technology and practices in production and trade.

According to Julka Toskić, director of Agrobrand and director of the Serbia Does Fruit platform, Serbia has had a positive blueberry year: “This season has been very favorable for blueberry producers and exporters, because in Serbia the harvest of blueberries takes place at least two weeks in other European countries. The value of blueberries exported in June and July was over 20 million euros. Export markets are diverse and the main export markets were the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Poland and Russia.

Serbian agricultural exporter Dotika wants to lead by example in export diversification and product management, says company owner Vladimir Milosavljevic: “We have started buying and exporting fresh fruit to the market. of the EU in 2019, mainly in the markets of Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. , Netherlands and Austria. By visiting trade fairs all over Europe, we have established many contacts and started our cooperation with foreign partners, which are the main suppliers of fruit and vegetables in the aforementioned countries.

Milosavljevic says Dotaki has invested in the business through education. “In order to develop our activity, we are working on educating our subcontractors on the importance of introducing new technologies, the use of modern fruit varieties, the introduction and implementation of the GLOBAL GAP certificate. and the GRASP add-on required to enter the EU market. Our activity with fruits is exclusively export oriented and in this respect we see great opportunities. Our aim is to make our products available not only in wholesale markets across the EU, which has been the case so far, but also in supermarket chains. It is therefore necessary to keep pace with global trends and to offer products in appropriate and attractive packaging to create a known and recognizable brand.

The European market is not the only interesting market for Serbia. Milosavljevic states that they were also successful in exporting to new markets last season: “This year, next to the European market, we have exported blueberries to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia and raspberries to Dubai. For the 2022 season, our plan is to expand our business with berries, cherries and plums to Scandinavian countries and well-established markets in the EU, Middle East and Asia. he concludes.

Dotika, along with other successful Serbian exporters of fresh blueberries, is a member of the Serbia Does Fruit platform. The platform aims at the international promotion of the Serbian fruit industry and represents an effective link between certified Serbian suppliers and international buyers.

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